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This section of Advent Herald Ministry is news and information for members of the Seventh-day Adventist church, wanting to know and learn about the current changes that are taking place within the SDA church, its' division, unions, conferences, schools and various institutions.

Changes have been coming into the SDA Church organization that we all need to be aware of so that we are not deceived by the works of men that are at odds with God's word. We need to return to being a people of the Word and not of the World. Pray for our church. Pray for our people, but be ready and willing to stand up for truth when it's needed, and as the Lord revealed to us through Ellen White in Evangelism p361-362 "Reject every phase of error..."

"If you are willing to drift along with the current of evil, and do not cooperate with the heavenly agencies in restraining transgression in your family, and in the church, in order that everlasting righteousness may be brought in, you do not have faith." 1SM 374

Hollywood SDA Church promotes Transgender Elder

Jan 11, 2016: The motto of this church is "Where God's Spirit is Given Space to Change Lives'

On Dec 12. 2015 the Hollywood Seventh-day Adventist Church conducted an interview celebrating a "changed life", in this case it was a man that changed to a female. The woman who interviewed "Rhonda Dinwiddie" announced that "Rhonda" is now an elder at Hollywood SDA church and a full time SS teacher. Among Rhonda's interestes are women's ordination, the movie "Seventh-gay Adventists" and "Occupy Wall Street". "Rhonda" claims the "Seventh-gay Adventist" movie paved the way for him joining the Hollywood SDA church. Yes, we said HIM not her. Just becuase a man can mutilate or change his body to look like a female does not mean he's a female. He never was and never will be. For some reason people want to ignore X and Y chromosones people are born with.

Picture from another website showing "Rhonda"..



Before you say anything about the Hollywood SDA church leadership for promoting this person, you must ask yourself why the NAD or even GC is not responding to this? Who ALL is guilty of this? We have been warned of our fate when we bring the world into the church. Do we need to spell out the word DESTRUCTION when leaders won't act? Just how clueless are SDAs as to what's about to take place in/to the church they love?

Huntsville's First Seventh-day Adventist Church is starting a Sunday worship service

News report is here

So why is one of our Adventist churches - First Seventh-day Adventist Church, at 1303 Evangel Drive in Huntsville, Ala. -- Weekly Sunday worship service beginning on Sunday, Feb. 8, 2015, at 10 a.m. They call it Surge Church "No suits. No ties. Just Jesus".

"This is kind of next in the evolution of things," said First SDA Pastor Debleaire Snell, an energetic 37-year-old with an engaging smile and quick intelligence. "The Sunday service is going to be a first point of contact for the unchurched in the community and for people who, for whatever reason - beliefs, work - can't come on Saturday. We have communicated to the Conference office (the regional center) because they wanted clarity on this, but once we communicated the purpose to them, they saw that it is not a big deal."

Does this pastor even understand the implications of what he's doing? We don't think he does. Worse yet, the Conference sanctioned it. This should be a wakeup call as to the condition of the Laodicean church, but people snooze on...

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