Adventist Health System

Adventist Health System lawsuit: 9/21/2015

Adventists to pay $118 million to settle false clams suit.

"Adventist Health System will pay a total of $118.7 million to the federal government and four states to settle a whistleblower lawsuit filed in December 2012 by three former employees."

It was a crime that "pay[ed] doctors excessive compensation to lock in their patient referrals to Adventist-owned hospitals, clinics and other outpatient services in Florida, North Carolina, Tennessee and Texas."

"...the largest healthcare fraud settlement ever made involving physician referrals to hospitals, according to Peter Chatfield, a whistleblower attorney with Phillips & Cohen."

"Out of the total $118 million settlement, Adventist will pay $115 million to the federal government, $3.48 million to Florida, $198,453 to North Carolina, $66,897 to Tennessee and $4,711 to Texas."

See the Corporate Crime Reporter for more details about this huge crime

Click here to see or download the PDF of Civil Action No 3;12cv856-W

We should thank God that the whistleblowers helped put a stop to the sin being commited by the Adventist Health System - mainly in Florida. Church leadership needs to apologize to the members of the church for allowing this to go on for so long and for not having checks and balances in place so this cannot happen.

Adventist and Catholic Hospital Mergers

Click here and here for information

"Adventist Midwest Health, based in Hinsdale, and Alexian Brothers Health System, based in Arlington Heights, say their union will allow them to collaborate on operations while maintaining distinct religious traditions, balance sheets and allegiances to parent companies Adventist Health System and Ascension Health."

"Formed in 1996, Centura brought together regional systems PorterCare Adventist Health System and Catholic Health Initiatives. Despite fears that their Protestant and Catholic identities would clash, the system's early troubles stemmed instead from overconcentration of decision-making in the corporate office, then-CEO Joseph Swedish told the Denver Post a few months after he was hired in 1999.

The inefficiencies, combined with losses on bad investments, caused Centura to lose $52.9 million that year. Its fortunes turned as PorterCare sought help from Altamonte Springs, Florida-based Adventist Health, which by 2002 had absorbed the smaller Denver system and taken over its 30 percent stake in Centura.

To fix the system, Mr. Swedish, now CEO of Indianapolis insurer WellPoint Inc., shed money- losing assets and refocused on hospital operations, says Mr. Crane, who joined Centura as executive vice president of operations in late 1999. "

We believe our Adventist Church is in so many businesses with Catholics and non beliviers that the results could be very disastrous one day.


Patient under Full Anesthesia Obscenely Tattooed near Genetils and Dressed in Drag

"ROSEVILLE, Calif. (CN) - While he was anesthetized for surgery, a hospital worker claims in court, co-workers put obscene temporary tattoos near his p*n*s[genetils], painted his fingernails, made up his face like a woman and posted photos of it all on a hospital bulletin board.  John Ruth sued Sonora Regional Medical Center and its corporate parent, Adventist Health System/West, in Placer County Court." read the entire article here or download pdf here

We believe our Adventist Health System does not represent the church and needs a thorough "house cleaning" of employees and administrators. However, it may be to far gone for that to occur until church leadership can stand up, repent openly to its members for the outrageous things occuring, and then proceed to make substantive visible changes.

Adventist Kings Regional Health Foundation Features up-and-coming Hanford band Poor Man's Poison

Sept 26, 2013: Adventist Health: Central Valley Network: Kings Regional Health Foundation

"The Kings Regional Health Foundation's 25th annual charity Gala will feature up-and-coming Hanford band Poor Man's Poison....Poor Man's Poison's music is far from traditional country with acoustic songs on bluegrass instruments influenced by rock, folk and reggae... "We're looking forward to having a local band as our entertainment this year" said Jill Caviezel-Hoots, Kings Regional Health Foundation director of Philanthropic Development.."

read full article here or download pdf here

Adventist Health is now having "Talent Shows". This one occured at the Fox Theater. How much further will Adventist Health sink in their standards. Why are they following the world and yet telling you they are Christ centered and "motivated by Christian values"? That's hypocrisy and/or the watchmen have fallen sound asleep. Why is the Seventh-day Adventist Church leadership allowing them to call themselves Adventist?

Georgia-Cumberland Conference

Godon Hospital in Calhoun, GA created this "Pink Glove" rock music video. Their mission statement says "We are a family of professional caregivers motivated by Christian values to provide the highest quality physical, mental, emotional and spiritual healthcare, while extending the healing love of Christ to all we serve."


Florida Conference of Seventh-day Adventists

Florida Hospital - Florida Radiology Imaging created this latest Pink Glove rock music video (Aug. 2012)


Florida Hospital for children (called the Walt Disney Pavillion) decided to create a Pink Glove video (2011)
This rock music video is to the tune "Raise Your Glass" by Pink (Alecia Beth Moore). She is one of the most vulgar singers in the industry. Pink's offical video of this song is very disgusting and sinful. Adventist Health even had to partially mute one of the words in the version of the song they used. More information about Adventist Health and Florida Hospital

We are sorry to even have to give all this information to you, but faithful Adventists need to speak up about these things that have come into the Adventist church and it's official organizations. If they are going to use the name Adventist then they should be living up to it.

The lyrics of the song include:

"We will never be, never be anything but loud
And nitty gritty, dirty little freaks"


"Slam, slam, oh hot d**n
What part of a party don't you understand?"


"It's so f***ing on right now"


Is Adventist Health following after Christ or the world? Think seriously about your answer and what the consequences are. Since the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists has been suing some small groups of people that use the word "Adventist" in their name and are supposedly misusing the name, we have some suggestions of some large groups that are clearly misusing the name. We ask the GC to stop straining at a gnat but swallowing a camel.

"Adventist Alert" - An app to prevent those embarrassing "badventist" moments. From the Florida Hospital Church Retreat 2011. Produced by Barefoot Empire Films as part of their ministry to the Florida Hospital Church. To find out more about the Hospital Church, visit"


Florida Hospital - Florida Radiology Imaging created a rock music to the tune of "Funkytown" Pink Glove video ( Oct 2010)


Florida Hospital - Tampa, FL May, 2012 makes a rock music video to the popular tune "Firework" by artist Katy Perry

"The employees of Florida Hospital Tampa caught the spirit in this music video to launch our Spirit of Women initiative."


Illinois Conference of Seventh-day Adventists

Adventist Hinsdale Hospital : Mar 7, 2012: $60,000 raised for Adventist Hinsdale Hospital at ‘Dancing’ event

“'Who would have guessed Hinsdale was home to so many talented dancers?' asked Susan King, executive director of the Hinsdale Hospital Foundation. 'In addition to showing off their moves, community members raised a significant amount of financial resources to support Adventist Hinsdale Hospital.'


Dance performances featured physicians, staff members, and community residents paired with professional dance instructors from the Fred Astaire Dance Studio in Burr Ridge, a co-sponsor of the event, as well as a performance by the auxiliary’s Junior Board.

“We were determined to surpass the success of our first Dancing with Our Stars event, held two years ago, and we’re thrilled to say we did that,” said Dina Kritsas, president of the Hinsdale Hospital Medical Staff Auxiliary. "

Hinsdale Dancers


Adventist Midwest Health

Here's another "Pink Glove" video. Do they believe they need to get into worldly music/dance videos to spread their health message? June 21, 2011


The music they are dancing to in the above video is called Higher by Taio Cruz. Lyrics + music can be found here.

Oregon Conference of Seventh-day Adventists

Adventist Health NorthWest (Portland, Oregon)

"Rounding Queen" was produced in 2011 by Big Puddle Films for Adventist Medical Center. This parody dance is to the rock music tune "Dancing Queen" by the group Abba


Rocky Mountain Seventh-day Adventist Conference

Porter Adventist Hospital in Denver, Colorado.

Nurses appreciation week 2012 dancing to We Are Family by All Stars


Southern California Conference

Glendale Adventist Medical Center

dancing to the rock song "Footloose" by Kenny Loggins


Adventist Health - Breast Care Center
Below is "The Pink Glove Dance" to the rock music tune Dynamite by Taio Cruz. Official RokStarr video
The online Hanford Sentinal news comments "Adventist Breast Center opens with tours, dance video"

Do you know there's a $10,000 first place competition prize being sponsored by ? Notice all the different hospitals shown in this non Adventist Youtube video called Pink Glove Dance: The Sequel.

Pay close attention in the Adventist Health video below just before/after 1:12. At 1:12 there is a word used (intentionally blurred by the artist), but quite obvious to most people.

Do you recognize the Fairmont "private school" whose young children they have dancing for this?



Adventist Health / Central Valley Network - Here's another "Pink Glove" video by Adventist Health that uses the same Dynamite song by Taio Cruz


Adventist Health / Central Valley Network - And yet another video with the same music.


Adventist Health created another Pink Glove dance video, shown below, to the tune of Let's Get It Started by the Black Eyed Peas. They are a hip hop/dance/techno/R&B/electro/etc style group. This video was dedicated to the new Hanford California Adventist Healt Breat Care Center in August of 2011. They say the video is inspired by the Providence St Vincent Medical Center in Portland Oregon which also produced a Pink Glove style video.

Let's Get It Started lyrics include:

"To lose this inhibition
Follow your intuition
Free your inner soul
And break away from tradition"

"Lose control, all body, all soul"


Adventist Health video "Welcoming Reedley to the Adventist Health Family"
Dancing the 12 bar blues tune I Got You (I feel Good) by James Brown a funk/rock/blues/soul singer


Video of senior leaders of Adventist Health Central Valley Network practice for the 2010 All-Star Assembly.


If the music is not enough, this Glendale Adventist Hospital has a yearly "Blessings of the Grapes" program "in celebration of the Feast of Assumption"

"It has become a beautiful tradition each year in the days prior to the Feast of the Assumption, for Pastors and deacons of St. Mary's Church to visit Glendale Adventist Hospital where they hold a prayer service in the Chapel, bless grapes, meet with the directors, and visit patients to offer prayers and blessed grapes."

Do you know what the Feast of Assumption is? Its a celebration of Mary going to heaven! As Adventists, the state of the dead is a pillar of our faith, and yet we allow this pagan, unbiblical dogma ceremony to exist within an Adventist hospital! How's this any different than Israel allowing Baal worship within its camp? We, Seventh-day Adventists, are in a sad state to be allowing such, and God will punish us if we do not repent of this open apostasy. This hospital should not be allowed to use the name Adventist, yet the GC of SDA's pursue, sue, and cause men to be sent to jail because they used the word "Adventist" in the name of their tiny insignificant group (the group is clearly not associated with the GC of SDA churches). Some would say "Now ain't that the pot callin' the kettle black". The Bible calls it straining at a gnat and swallowing a camel.

Note: This video was produced by the Western Prelacy which is an Armenian Apostolic church that believes in the Assumption of Mary.

Aug, 2011


Watch this video to see even more. If you don't understand the language, watch from about 21 min into the video until about 27:15 min. Listen carefully at around 27 min. when they tell about the "Assumption of the Holy Mother of God". What blasphemy to bring into an Adventist institution! Notice that the Executive Staff of the hospital was responsible for this program.


Penang Adventist Hospital

Annual Dinner Dance Sept 23, 2012


Annual Dinner Dance 2010


Utterly heathen. Are you awake yet?

Now this one is really strange. Adventist Health System 2010 Bowlathon Promo Video