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Below are presentations by Kirk & Cathy Weedman. We accept speaking invitations to your church, or any small group gathering.

Is it Time to Celebrate?

Have you been troubled and confused over the Bible verses about dancing? What do these verses mean? Many are using these verses to bring in celebration. Do you understand these verses? Can you give a reason for your faith? By Cathy Weedman: Estimate of 17 min. Currently on hold till time permits due to circumstances...


Here we are close to the November 2012 elections in the USA. What counsel do we as Seventh-day Adventists have in regard to politics?  Should we involve ourselves in the political process? 12 min. Posted September 22, 2012. Watch the full size HD YouTube version here and the HD Vimeo version here.


Faith. Pure and Simple

This presentation talks about the article by Adventist World titled Faith. Simple. and what the Adventist Media Center from Voice of Hope (Stimme der Hoffnung) of the Euro-Africa Division actually coproduced. They coproduced a public movie that contains curse words and vulgar words. 14 min. Posted August 30, 2012.Watch the full size HD YouTube version here and the HD Vimeo version here.


My Last Day Without You movie:
A Youtube clip that has the "Black Madoff" rap song with the curse words and vulgar words in it can be found here. Because the volume is very low, you have to listen very carefully. If you listen to the full volume version first, it will be obvious. We don't recommend listening at all unless you really need to verify it. The curse and vulgar words used in the movie occur in the song at about 1:34 and 1:42. Our leaders should be ashamed for coproducing such a movie. They must repent of this serious lack of spiritual discerment. To call for a Revival & Reformation without first publicly repenting of this specific sin is hypocrisy.

More information about the film can be found at this Adventist News Network link. Here's what they say:
"The Adventist Church in Germany and Austria last year held the Faith.Simple project, an eight-week outreach series to post-moderns, with Internet broadcast discussions centering around the movie My Last Day Without You, created specifically for the project. The film features a young German businessman who travels to New York City on a difficult assignment, which forces him to examine his own life. Klaus Popa, who co-led the series, said hundreds of discussion groups were held in homes and churches throughout German-speaking areas of Europe."

Click here for a picture of the closing credits "Black Madoff" reference

Click here for a picture of the closing credits listing Matthias Muller and Klaus Poppa.

In the Pacific Union Conference, SONscreen Film Festival promoted this video. Maybe you should find out more about the Seventh-day Adventist Adventist SONscreen Film Festival , what they are doing, and the films they are promoting. Here's a Pacific Union website link to get you started. Start doing a little research and you may find out much more. The article says:
"Two ground-breaking projects sponsored by the Seventh-day Adventist church were screened: “My Last Day Without You,” from Germany, and “The Record Keeper,” an updated take on The Great Controversy, from the United States."

"The Record Keeper By North Pacific Union Gleaner: Here’s something entirely new. Jason Satterlund, Adventist filmmaker based in Portland, Ore., has produced the pilot episode for "The Record Keeper." He describes it as a steam-punk web-series about the politics of angels as they observe the downfall of mankind. The main character, "Raina" writes down the events of history and interviews angels on both sides to get their version of events. Satterlund collaborated with Garrett Caldwell, General Conference assistant communication director, on the script. Watch the eight-minute pilot episode for yourself on YouTube. --GleanerNOW, July 26, 2012."

You may have noticed Jason Satterlund in connection with some of the Adventist Health videos too. What's interesting is the link to Garrett Caldwell at the General Conference. see

"The religious life is not to be represented from the pulpit or in our papers as a romance. It pains my soul to see in the papers coming from our press, the most important truth placed before the people in the form of a romance. Let the articles in our papers at this time, when the eternal interests of souls are at stake, be of a character to arouse souls to a sense of their peril. At this time Bible truth is to make a solemn impression upon hearts. The genuine facts of truth are to be presented as they came from the lips of the greatest the world has ever known."  6 MR 287.2

"Novelty and romance do no honor to our publications. I am growing heartsick and weary over productions from the press that lower the truth as it should not be lowered. The fewer of these productions that are brought in, the more influence will the genuine, sacred truth connected with the scenes that are to take place, have upon minds.--Ms 17, 1910, pp. 1, 2. ("Regarding Representations in Our Papers," undated.)"  6 MR 287.3

Faithful Watchmen

Discussion on the topics of judging and rebuke, and then about documented stated beliefs of faculty at La Sierra University. Specific information is given about how evolution and acceptance of "same-sex loving relationships" has been taught and published by faculty at La Sierra University. The presentation concludes with a discussion about dealing with error and a call for repentance. Part 1 called God's Promise to the SDA Church should be seen first. Part 2 of 2. 1hr 12 min. Posted August 16, 2012. Watch the full size HD YouTube version here.

God's Promise to the Seventh-day Adventist Church

This presentation shows the principle of all God's promises being based on the condition of obedience. It shows how this principle is used throughout the Bible and how it applies directly to us as SDA's. This presentation is the foundation for the second presentation "Faithful Watchmen" Part 1 of 2. 32 minutes. Posted July 18, 2012 We hope to have this available in Spanish and maybe other languages someday. Watch the full size HD YouTube version here and the HD Vimeo version here.


Womens Ordination: Korah, Dathan & Abiram style

This presentation shows a parallel between the rebellion of certain Seventh-day Adventist North American Division Unions, Conferences and churches that are promoting womens ordination (when the world church has twice voted no), to that of Korah, Dathan and Abiram. 24 min. Posted July 15, 2012 Watch the full size HD YouTube version here and the HD Vimeo version here.


Jillian from Pacific Union College sits down with Norma Osborn (an ordained SDA pastor PUC church) and talks about womens ordination in the Seventh Day Adventist Church. - Norma relates her ordination with Esther and being here "at such a time as this". Norma also says, "The reason I'm ordained is because there's some people who took up the banner to say 'We have to do this'. I couldn't take up the banner, someone else could."

Articles mentioned in the above presentation

Womens Ordination by pastor Stephen Bohr - PDF file

Reflections on the Womens Ordination Issue by pastor Stephen Bohr

Columbia Union Executive Committee Calls Special Constituency Meeting to Authorize Ordinations Without Regard to Gender

Pacific Union Committee calls special constituency session to authorize ordinations without regard to gender information about the Southeast California Conference move towards womens ordination. - click here

Southeastern California Concerence ordains-commissions women in 2010

Southern California Conference Votes to Ordain Women in Pastoral Ministry

Adventist World - Conflict in the Church By Ted Wilson GC president - click here

Angel Manuel Rodriguez - Can We Talk?

Update: Aug. 2, 2012

Columbia Union Constituency Votes to Authorize Ordination of Women Pastors
see Columbia Union's president Dave Weigleys closing speech
see the Columbia Union website article
see the Adventist Today Article

Love Response

This presentation was given in the Longmont, CO Vista SDA Fellowship church for the adult Sabbath School class. Since the audience response could not be recorded, that portion has been left out. Thus you will hear the speaker ask questions sometimes, but you will not hear the response or comments from the class. This presentation has been added because the topic of guilt may have been unclear/incomplete in the lesson and the presenter shared more about this topic as well as had a brief discussion near the end of the lesson about the wheat, the tares and the open sinner. 29 minutes. Posted July 12, 2012. Watch the full size HD YouTube version here.



This short presentation is about the faithful few during the time of Elijah and how they remained faithful by not compromising principles. 13 minutes. Posted June 23, 2012. Watch the full size HD YouTube version here and the HD Vimeo version here.


Sin in the Church. Is Matthew 18 the Answer?

This PowerPoint with audio presentation continues to talks about private and public or open sin and how we as Seventh-day Adventists are not dealing with certain open and public sins in our denomination and how we will fail as a people if we continue this neglect of Christian duty. This is part 2 of 2. 32 minutes. Posted June 22, 2012. Watch the full size HD YouTube version here and the HD Vimeo version here.


Sin in the Church. Is Matthew 18 the Answer?

This PowerPoint with audio presentation talks about private and public or open sin. How do we deal the supposed difference between Matthew 18:15-17 and 1 Timothy 5:20? This is part 1 of 2. 18 minutes. Posted June 13, 2012. Watch the full size HD YouTube version here and the HD Vimeo version here.


Beware the Counterfeits

This PowerPoint with audio presentation talks about the importance of chapter 7 of the book True Revival. True Revival is a compilation of EGW writings first copyrighted in 1972 and then in 2010 and published by the Review & Herald Publishing Association.
22 minutes. Posted May 2012. Watch the full size YouTube version here.


Are You Ready For Worship?

This video (copy from VHS we produced) was produced in July 2000 to show that the things in the Are You Ready For Church? video are not just at a local conference level, but are coming from the North American Division leadership.


Are You Ready For Church?

This DVD video was produced in July 1999 to warn the SDA Church of the changes taking place within it in the area of music, drama, etc.. The things depicted in this video were not one time events or accidents but repeatedly occured before the release of this video. Though the actual events shown may/may not be happening today, very similar events and worse are happening now throughout many conferences of the North American Division and in other Seventh-day Adventist Divisions/Unions/Confernces/churches around the world. 2 hours.